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"Therapy has helped me work through my anxiety and provided me with the tools to manage it in my everyday life."
"I never thought I could overcome my depression, but my therapist provided me with a safe space to talk about my feelings and helped me develop coping mechanisms."
"My marriage was on the brink of divorce, but couples therapy helped us communicate better and ultimately saved our relationship."
"After experiencing trauma, therapy gave me a safe space to process my emotions and work towards healing."
"Therapy has helped me recognize and break negative thought patterns that were holding me back in both my personal and professional life."
"I struggled with addiction for years, but therapy gave me the tools to understand and overcome my triggers."
"As someone with ADHD, therapy has helped me develop strategies to improve my focus and productivity."
"Therapy has been a lifesaver for my self-esteem and confidence, helping me overcome years of negative self-talk and self-doubt."
"I was skeptical about therapy at first, but it has been an incredibly positive experience and has helped me become a better version of myself."
"Therapy has helped me become more self-aware and understand the root causes of my behaviors, allowing me to make positive changes in my life."
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Meet Coach Heba AlMatrook

Our Head Coach and Founder

  • Coach Heba has gone through a transformation herself from a young age, seeking greater mastery of herself and others. She also lived abroad for 25 years, which gave her the opportunity to interact with different cultures, and gain experience and knowledge.
  • She noticed how the seasons play a big role in nature and specifically how trees go from a leafless bark of wood to a flowering being with beautiful green leaves, fruits and flowers.
  • She came to realize that the human body works the same way; change and growth begins from the roots and spread out; always starting from the inside out.
  • Here at Tashafa we believe in the seven commitments of a conscious coach:


    1- commitment to the path of wisdom

    2- commitment to the path of awareness

    3- commitment to a path of non-resistance

    4- commitment to a path of gratitude

    5- commitment to a path of cause and effect

    6- commitment to a path of compassion

    7- commitment to a path of oneness

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