Tashafa's story

Tashafa is committed to supporting your transformation and improving your well-being. Our head coach, Heba AlMatrook, founded Tashafa in 2022 after her own transformation which is an ongoing process. She was excited and determined to share her journey in hopes that others can feel the fulfillment she was so empowered by.

Dr. Heba's Bio

Coach Heba holds a (CIF) license and holds multiple certificates from reputable institutes specializing in “building a conscious life and self-education”. She trained under specialists and founders of advanced schools in the field of self-development such as Dr. Shefali, who certified her as a Conscious Parenting life coach and others like Dr. Joe Dispensa, Dr. Ahmed Amara etc.

Coach Heba believes that life is a journey that begins from within, and that every human being is capable of creating a reconciled reality, regardless of their current situation and external circumstances.

She has developed Tashafa’s courses with new tools she designed based on her experience in the world of business, diplomacy and her journey with self-development

Coach Heba's credentials

I am an IPEC Certified Professional Life Coach and energy leadership index practitioner.