Journey of Happiness with us

The workshop was held on Tuesday 18/04/2023 “ DISCOVER WHO YOU ARE ” was an exercise given to the participants to discover the meaning of happiness and to understand where our emotions came from. The 6 steps of the Tashafa process was explained and the session ended with meditation.

An Interesting life Journey

This workshop was held on Tuesday 28/12/2021 and the goals was to set one’s intentions and the importance of internal and external communication. The workshop reviewed the arts of sensory and moral communication, its types and methods through practical exercises.

The Fun Journey of life

This workshop was held on Monday 28/03/2022 At Dar Alfathfatha We trained the participants on how to express self-love and how to deal with sadness and how to re-program our belief system so that we can deal with our emotions. There was exercises for self-love and how to be ready for the holy month of …

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